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VENGEANCE & REVENGE - Jan. 19th, 2020

The idea of payback shows low level of spiritual development. In its physical form that recourse that causes others pain either physical or financial is in its essence, from a spiritual perspective, equivalent to the revenge in thoughts. While the physical one is visible to most all incarnated spirits, the other is visible non-incarnated spirits. Both show a level of selfishness and low moral development.

Avoiding these thoughts is a good first step. While for most, the thoughts will appear spontaneously as a reflection of the inherent moral development, the process of improvement start by blocking these thoughts, reflecting upon the consequences, and ultimately the needs of all around you. The exercise of blocking these thoughts overtime will create an effect of moral evolution and more naturally they will be replaced by thoughts of compassion.

Highly developed spirits do not pursue punishment of any other spirit. As described numerous times in the house, we are brothers and sisters from the same father. Reflect upon your actions and more importantly your thoughts when confronted with adversity or when subject to acts of low moral standard from others. Step by step, try to purify these thoughts and actions and peace will come to your encounter.

My brothers and sisters, I wish you all a peaceful week full of joy. Let the peace of the father guide you for the week ahead.

A guardian spirit of this house.

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