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01 - Integrates your knowledge of your view, on the responsible and eternal individual in regards to life.

02 - Exposes the real true meaning of Christ's lessons and that of all the other spiritual mentors of humanity through out various regions of this planet.

03 - Suppress the original worries of death,  since death does not exist.

04 - The principle of reincarnation is revealed, determining the reason of why there is pain and apparent social inequalities.

05 - Strength is given to you to be able to handle corporal difficulties, showing you that the physical instrument reflects the need and the condition of the spirit.

06 - Calms you in respect to problems found in the family realm, explaining that the home receives not only affections but also antipathies from past existences, for needed regeneration.

07 - Shows you that the primary temple to worship the Divine Presence is the conscience.

08 - It liberates the mind of all taboos in relation to all religious creed.

09 - Eliminates most of all worries regarding the future after death.

10 - Gives comfort in correspondence with loved ones, after their passing.

11 - Delivers knowledge of mediumship.

12 - Traces guidances to combat or cure obsession.

13 - Gives the right to rationalized faith.

14 - Highlights compassion as imperative obligation.

15 - Helps revise and reevaluate your time and work.

16 - Grants certainty that if you help or hurt someone, you are helping or hurting yourself.

17 - Grants yourself serenity and peace in the face of slander and criticism.

18 - Teaches you to consider your opponent as a teacher.

19 - Instructs you, that however great the external difficulties might be, intimately, you are free to improve or worsen your own situation.

20 - Patents that faith that  illuminates the path, but no one will escape the law that assigns each and everyone to your own personal story.

These are twenty of the many blessings that Spiritism does in our favor. It would be interesting to ask ourselves, what are we doing for Spiritism?

Andre Luiz
Psychographed  by Waldo Vieira on 10/22/1965.  Uberaba, Minas Gerais

Translation by Shannon Myers, Dec/2014

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