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Be serene in all circumstances of your life,


Never permit that other’s intolerance interfere in your daily living or let it change your calm attitude,


Remember that everything that comes from evil can reach your thoughts and attitudes, if you do not pray with faith,


If the necessary precautions are not taken, you could be struck by evil and turn as aggressive as your opponent,


Serenity is the companion of love…..


Serenity can take you to safe paths and could put you at Gods side,


However, agitation can distance you from the path of goodness and make you an  intolerant and undesirable person,


Always be serene, do not care about the attitudes of those whom surround you, try to avoid prolonged contact with people whose hearts are impregnated with hatred,


Don’t note other people’s defects,  but just observe and never let yourself be contaminated,


(…) Silence yourself always as needed, and never answer back so that you are not the same as your offensor,


If malicious procedures can contaminate man, serenity can can also touch those whom need love, compreehension and peace,


Do not forget that serenity can cure your illnesses as much as it can cure your neighbors, but agitation can cause disease as much in your body, as it can in your soul,


Serenitiy points to signs of evolution and progress,


Be serene and you will be a champion.



By the Medium Jose Alves de Souza on 06/09/2013

Translation by Shannon Myers, Sep/2014

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