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Patience is an exercise of love and knowledge. Only through love will we have tolerance, leniency and understanding of others.

Without this, there is no patience.

Help me God to have patience.

Seeing my brothers faults, I can understand them with love and patience, knowing that I also am at fault.

Give me Sir, the patience to teach and educate, to help and treat, to listen and silence, without haste and able to wait.

That I may be able to give proof of love and patience at each moment of life to my companions of journey.

That I may have sight and understanding to be patient with myself.

Father, do not let me get lost in the renovation and evolution of my spirit by precipitation or unintentional and precipitated judgements.

That your light may illuminate me so that I will always know to: love, understand and be patient.

So be it.

Marina C. Cruz

Translation by Shannon Myers, Dec/2014

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