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Be merciful in all you do, in your actions and in your thoughts, but mainly in your thoughts.

The process of healing goes thought different steps. For many it starts with anger or suffering, for some it goes through feelings of distress. The effect of time typically causes changes to these feelings and the healing starts with resignation up to forgiveness.

The length of time reflects your individual evolutional state. For some, this time doesn’t happen during a lifetime on earth, for others is passes in a flash. The first will eventually improve during their life existences. Learning this lesson is important to all your evolution and moral progress.

The ultimate signal of your evolutionary state is the residual thought. That is the essence of your state. Until that is pure, and your forgiveness leaves nothing unresolved in your own thoughts, the forgiveness is not complete.

Think about the lesson today, if possible read the lesson again, but more importantly reflect upon your actions and your thoughts.

I wish you all a peaceful week.

A good friend of this group.

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