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Jan. 20th, 2019

Solace and sorrow, profound manifestations of the soul. These communications work as a language of the spirit. It is a mechanism that tells what comes from inside. They provide profound messages that with understanding will become knowledge. Knowledge that heals wounds from the past of errors and the selfishness that brought you here. Do not misunderstand that these passages for punishment, but for learning and development.

The text said: love one another and learn. This is the learning that comes from solace and sorrow. These feelings arise after reflection, after profound thinking. So be happy if you feel this way. It shows that you are learning. Your happiness will follow, not immediately, but will go to your baggage to the spiritual life. Easy to understand if you think the opposite. If you never felt sorrow, what does it mean?

Be grateful for the obstacles that come your way. Think about them as exams in a class course. Trespassing these obstacles will get you to the next class.

Remember Jesus words: love each other and continue to learn. I wish you all a peaceful and learning week. Let God be with all of us.

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