Birth, death, rebirth and constant evolution, such
is the law of life [Allan Kardec, 1804 - 1869]

As usual, the first and second Sunday of every month meetings are conducted in Portuguese and we open a random lesson from the "Evangelho Segundo o Espiritismo." The third and forth Sundays are conducted in English, and we continue the study of "The Gospel."

If you don't have details for the remote Zoom meeting, and would like to participate, please e-mail us here.

Meeting on July 5th, 2020


Physical Meetings Cancelled 

(Until Further Notice)

Due to the critical state of the planet, we are continuing our meetings remotely via Zoom. As always we should maintain elevated thoughts and prayers; conducting our Gospel at home meetings as well.


The Spirits' Book - Revised Edition!

by Allan Kardec

This third edition of The Spirits’ Book is superb in quality, timelessly speaking directly to the modern heart and mind. Commitment to its French origin and stylish readability make this rendition better than any other English translation.



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